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North Sea and Fjord Safari is using Olav Ringdal Jr, the former Search and Rescue Vessel, to bring our guests out in the beautiful nature in Rogaland fjords, islands and out in the North Sea for deep water fishing.

The vessel was built in 1952 by the famous Kittelsen Boat Builders in Risør, South East of Norway. It was ordered as Det Norske Veritas class A1 vessel to ensure it's strength and stability.  Olav Ringdal Jr has a long service in the freezing cold Barents Sea, stationed  up north of Norway in Honningsvåg and Hammerfest and retired after 31 yrs of service in this tough climate and rough sea. The name of the vessel and  the history is really something to be proud of and you will hear all about it when you are cruising the Fjords and on board you will feel the atmosphere and imagine how it was like in a stormy night at Barents Sea... when you are cruising and enjoying the Rogaland Fjords.

For your comfort, the vessel is equipped with a heated closed area at it´s aft deck.  Galley and a toilet at deck level.  Under deck  you will find saloon and  sleeping quarters. A wider forward deck is a nice area for fishing, viewing and enjoying the beautiful nature in Rogaland and capture priceless moments to show when you are back home to your friends and family.

The captain and crew is very well-experienced with ocean liners, offshore oil industry and older veteran ship and vessels. With this being said, our No.1 priority is always our passengers safety, the crew and the vessel. We want the best for our passengers and to make your trip as exciting, memorable  and comfortable as possible.



Kjell-Morten Ronæs

Owner and Captain

D5 Coastal Captain ceritficate

M1 Chief Engineer certificate

13 yrs as seaman,

32 yrs in oil and gas industi and 20+ yrs as Offshore Manager. 

Will use his decades of experiences to make your trip a safe and relaxing experience.


Kim Kloster


Our competent Boatswain in charge om deck organizing fishing, well being of our guests and telling stories about our community and Ryfylke Island. Competent in boating . Educated as IT engineer and a very dedicated person to make sure everyone onboard feel safe and taken care of.  Strong in language skills.

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